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After I turned 50 years of age, I had decided I was going to live each day as if it was my last. I will do all the thing I had only dreamed about. I am going to live, love and have fun. Life is to short to worry about tomorrow, just live and enjoy today!

"Come on this life journey with me and experience the thrill"
Lady Estelle T. Barada

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Red Hat Garden Party 2009

The Colliston Classics Red Hatters invited us to a Garden Party on June 27th, 2009, at the Hilton in Tewksbury. Queen Judith and her chapters put on a really good show. Deee lightful. Many thanks to them for a wonderful afternoon. Below are some photos others are linked up on Shutterfly... see photo album page.
Enjoy the memories.

The Rhody Red Hats, all the way from Warwick RI!  Queen Mary and her many hats, left she has a butterfly... a little larger than you'd find in a garden... and below in a large brimmed sun hat. 

Her beautiful companion with the grand Victorian hat was charming.
 lady Estelle of Providence.

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  1. You are so fun!!! Man, you have a zillion blogs, how do you keep up with that?

    Anyway, I would be so happy if you joined the Sisterhood. Go to:
    and you will be directed how to join! See you there soon!


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